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3DPBM Illustration Analysis

Analysing market trends in all major AM industry verticals

We are constantly researching and analysing ongoing market trends in all major AM industry verticals. We follow all segments, from bioprinting to aerospace, construction to medical, dentistry to jewellery and study evolutions in hardware, software and materials science.

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3DPBM Illustrations Editorial

Publishing the latest news and opinions you can trust

Our editorial teams report AM industry news every day and follow every major AM application segment in every major geographical area, including Australia, EMEA, APAC, Americas, India and CIS. This unique capability enables us to keep track of the AM market as it unravels.

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3DPBM Illustrations Forecast

Leveraging exclusive data to formulate market forecasts

We know the AM industry is going to grow exponentially, but where is this growth going to be concentrated over the next decade? We leverage exclusive databases to formulate accurate and precise forecasts on each AM vertical and provide unique insights.

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