Additive business intelligence

The global additive manufacturing industry—including related applications verticals—is expected to be worth $200 billion by 2030.

Our innovative research method provides deep analysis, data and expert opinion on the AM companies and trends that are shaping the future of manufacturing.

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    We have developed an accurate map of the AM technological landscape, tracking hardware manufacturers along with the evolution of commercial hardware systems and development of new processes.

    • VAT Photopolymerisation

    • Material Jetting

    • Binder Jetting

    • Material Extrusion

    • Powder Bed Fusion

    • Directed Energy Deposition


    Material analyses focus on each of the primary five families of materials used in additive manufacturing processes, including several subcategories and hundreds of different products.

    • Metals
    • Polymers
    • Ceramics
    • Composites
    • Biomaterials
    • Nanomaterials

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    AM’s past, present and future evolution: prototypes remain the core application while tools drive the transition toward digital manufacturing. End-use parts are the ultimate objective.

    • Prototypes
    • Tools

    • Final Parts


    Vertical adoption areas are the primary revenue opportunity for AM. Our research focuses on each major vertical in AM, assessing overall hardware, materials, software, parts demand and associated revenues.

    • Aerospace

    • Automotive

    • Medical

    • Dental

    • Bioprinting

    • Construction

    • Consumer Products
    • Energy

    • Transportation

    • Industrial